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Spacers differ from support and support posts in design and functionality

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Support posts are designed to accompany supports where more stability is needed. Support posts have the same functionality as supports but are thicker than supports and are able to hold more weight and provide additional stability. Alliance Plastics has added 3 new series of support posts totaling 116 new parts. Spacers differ from support and support posts in design and functionality. Spacers are used exactly for what the name implies – spacing. They are typically found in the middle of heavy boards in conjunction with supports and support posts where additional spacing and load bearing is necessary. Since they only lock on one end they are used primarily in the center of boards, not on the corners. Alliance Plastics has added 57 new spacers making up 3 new series. Standoffs differ from the rest of the circuit board hardware group because they are used with fasteners. Since they are used with fasteners, they provide the best locking feature and are able to support the heaviest loads. Standoffs make up 113 new parts and 3 new series added to the latest Alliance Plastics catalog.

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